Group Identity for SYC

SYC Group Identity Number for VHF/DSC radios 023200100

More and more members are using DSC radios (those fitted with an emergency DISTRESS button) and realising the benefits of these. Fewer are aware that the Club has been allocated a Group MMSI number by OFCOM/Radiocommunications Agency which alerts all of the Club rescue boats when called.

Club rescue boats are often crewed afloat to support courses, races and other activities. For emergencies you should follow the emergency procedures, but should you just need a little assistance and think they could help then using the DSC Group identity will alert whichever is afloat.

Radios vary, but for most you select “DSC Call” then “Group call”. Then input the SYC Group MMSI number 023200100 and select an intership channel (normally 6, 8, 72 or 77). When sent, this sounds an alert on all of the Club rescue boats’ radios, even if that radio is set to another channel. When accepted it switches to the channel you chose. You can then call on that intership channel to find which rescue boat can assist. For example “Any SYCO Rescue Boat, Any SYCO Rescue Boat, this is Hopeful, Hopeful, over.”

On most radios you can enter the group number into the directory or “phonebook”. Instructions for most radios can be downloaded from manufacturers’ websites. If you’d like more information please ask, and if there is sufficient demand we can set up some short VHF/DSC refresher courses in addition to the radio licence courses already in the training programme.