Group MMSI number for SYC

SYC Group MMSI Number for VHF/DSC radios 023200100

More and more members are using DSC radios (those fitted with an emergency DISTRESS button) and realising the benefits of these. Fewer are aware that the Club has been allocated a Group MMSI number by OFCOM/Radiocommunications Agency which alerts all of the Club rescue boats when called.

Race Officer Duties 2021

Updated 22 June 2021

In order for yachts to race at SYC we need skippers and crews to take their turn to carry out Race Officer Duties.

The dates for these duties are published below and are based on skippers' choices made at the Pre-Season Keelboat Sailing Meeting each year, with the remaining dates allocated to boats by the Keelboat Sailing Committee.

Mark Status

The purpose of the table below is to report any issues with our racing marks. If you are aware that one is off station or missing then please contact the office and post a note on the SYC Racing WhatsApp group.

The information on this page should be used by Race Officers when planning racing.  

Racing Mark Information at 16 August 2021

Pursuiting at SYC

In addition to the regular racing, David Nunn organises the Saturday Pursuit Racing. If you wish to try racing, train crew, tune up your own performance or just have a fun sail for an hour or two on a Saturday, then Pursuiting could be for you. You start in order of your handicap number (slowest go first) the courses are short and simple, very suitable for beginners to both racing and crewing. If you want to join in then speak to David Nunn (Escape) at Southwick on the day or email beforehand, he will also arrange a handicap number for your boat if you don't already have one and for you to join the SYC Pursuiting WhatsApp group.

Keelboat Section Handbook 2021

The Keelboat Sailing Handbook contains an overview of all the Keelboat racing at Sussex Yacht Club and functions both as a guide and as Notice of Race for each of the individual events and series.

It also contains the general keelboat sailing instructions, reference to mandatory keelboat safety equipment and other useful information for 2021.

The handbook first edition was issued 30 December 2020, but may be revised during the season, with notification of any changes communicated via the WhatsApp groups to all registered skippers.

Download the Keelboat Sailing Handbook v2b (issued 3 June 2021) in PDF here

If you just want a copy of the Race Chart it is available here

Race Chart

Please use this race chart for inshore and some long inshore races.

It includes our beach start lines, Lancing & Old Fort for all races not started with a committee boat.

See the Mark Status page for the latest news on mark locations and availability.

Updated November 2020

Download the Inshore Racing Marks chart, click here >>

Pursuit Base Handicaps 2021

The base handicaps for 2021 Pursuit racing are shown below with an explanation of how they are derived. They may then be amended after each race according to the Pursuiting rules, boats will then continue with their revised handicaps and these will develop during the year depending on actual performance on the water.

Skippers do not need to do anything more than turn up on the day to be able to enter a Pursuit race. Just ask David Nunn on Escape and he will make sure you have an straight forward introduction.

Latest SYC 2021 Pursuit Base Handicaps, click here >>

Keelboat Ratings & Handicaps 2021

The current NHC and IRC numbers are shown below. If you need help applying for an IRC number then please speak to someone on the Race Committee, see the Sailing Handbook elsewhere on these pages.

Whilst boats can apply for a revised IRC number a yacht will not have her rating within the club changed midway through a series. It is therefore possible that a yacht may have two different ratings when different series are run concurrently.

NHC numbers are the Base numbers and may change after each race according to the particular rules. IRC numbers shown below are currently valid for the Spring 2021 series onwards.

Latest SYC 2021 IRC Ratings and NHC Base Handicaps, click here >>

Help for Race Officers

Being Race Officer is nothing to be apprehensive about; we all know how chaotic it can be on the beach when the clock is counting down and your flags are all tangled or you can't quite read the sail number of that boat that insists on staying right out at the far end of the line.... relax, it will always work out OK!