Keelboat Section - Racing Update

Updated 05 November 2020

The following update has been issued from the Keelboat Section Committee with the latest advice in relation to the November Lockdown

Dear all,

There has been a lot of commentary recently regarding sporting activity in the November Lock Down, indeed it remains a bit confusing, with pre November 5th advice still sitting on web pages etc. However, as we know, we are now under some new legislation and this, from the 5th of November is England wide.

The RYA are working away at this and it is worth a listen to this webinar which I think will give you a feel for the direction things are moving in;

Also these two pages are worth a read;

For clarity Rule 1 reads as follows;

"Stay at home - You must not leave or be outside of your home except for specific purposes"

Nowhere does it say that amateur sport is one of those specific purposes.

If our club organises yacht racing, then it will almost certainly be breaking the law.

So, unfortunately, there will be no further racing, arranged or organised by Sussex Yacht Club until there is a change in the current restrictions to allow amateur sport such as sail boat racing to proceed.

We will draw a line under the Autumn Series now and finalise the results for this event. There will be no further Pursuit racing in 2020, however we are planning to run the Christmas Cracker as scheduled. In the New Year we are thinking of running a winter series of races but we will seek views on that very shortly.

All the best,

Robin Stevenson

Racing Secretary


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