Pursuiting at SYC

In addition to the regular racing, David Nunn organises the Saturday Pursuit Racing. If you wish to try racing, train crew, tune up your own performance or just have a fun sail for an hour or two on a Saturday, then Pursuiting could be for you. You start in order of your handicap number (slowest go first) the courses are short and simple, very suitable for beginners to both racing and crewing. If you want to join in then speak to David Nunn (Escape) at Southwick on the day or email secretary@sussexyachtclub.org.uk beforehand, he will also arrange a handicap number for your boat if you don't already have one and for you to join the SYC Pursuiting WhatsApp group.


The goal is sailing enjoyment in good company with an element of competition. International Collision Regulations or "The Rules of the Road" must be observed, as always when going to sea. There are three series of 7 races each, the best 4 results to count in each series. 

Start times for each keelboat will be based on an initial handicap set by the race officer and expressed as +/- minutes from the nominal race start time. Adjusted times are available on the SYC website together with the latest results. Courses are set on the day and published on the SYC Pursuiting WhatsApp group in an attempt to achieve 100 minutes of sailing for a boat with a handicap of 0 (zero).

The first boat across the line in each race is the winner. Series points will be awarded as one for first, two for second and so on. There are prizes for each series and the lowest overall in all three series wins the Pursuit Challenge Trophy. These prizes will be awarded at the SYC Prizegiving Dinner in November.

To promote the "enjoyment of sailing" handicaps will be adjusted after each race throughout the year. A win carries a penalty of 6 minutes for the next race, 2nd place 5 minutes, 3rd place 4 minutes etc down to 1. If you are last you will be given a boost of 6 minutes for the next race, 5 minutes for the next to last and 4 minutes for 3rd from last etc down to 1. If 12 or more boats finish then this is applied in total, any boats finishing 7th or more from the start or end will not be adjusted. If less than 12 boats finish, then if it is an odd number the middle boat will not be adjusted, if it is an even number then adjustments will apply from both ends. These will stop at the middle rather than overlap.

The results will also be published on the SYC website shortly after the completion of the race. 

See the Keelboat Sailing Handbook for further details.

David Nunn (Pursuit Racing Secretary)

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