Yacht Racing and Rallying Events at SYC

rya charter logoSkitter SCV0941Racing and rallying is at the heart of our club, with pursuit, inshore, long inshore, offshore and regattas tailored to suit our varied SYC fleet. No matter what your level and preference of sailing we have a good mix of competitive and more relaxing racing. We encourage crews at all levels to have a go, and although we don't give prizes to all comers, accurate ratings and hard work can deliver results. 

With regards to cruising, SYC organises a varied programme of rallies along and across the channel. The rallies are usually combined with a race, but it is not necessary to participate in the race to join in the rally. Yachts can join in all or part of these rallies to suit your own timetable. Cruising in company is a great way to explore our coast; you can gain valuable experience and discover new friends.

Summer Inshore Series 2022

Bandito DSC9073Sunday 8 May - Sunday 31st July 2022

A hotly contested series of seven races with courses set on the day using the Club's inshore marks off Shoreham, with each race taking around 2 hours. See the Keelboat Handbook on the Yacht Racing Information page of the website for further details, race dates and times. You will need to ask to be added to the SYC Racing WhatsApp group so you can receive the race invitations, course, amendments etc.

Pursuiting at SYC

In addition to the regular racing, David Nunn organises the Saturday Pursuit Racing. If you wish to try racing, train crew, tune up your own performance or just have a fun sail for a couple of hours on a Saturday, then Pursuiting could be for you. You start in order of your handicap number (slowest go first) the courses are short and simple, very suitable for beginners to both racing and crewing. If you want to join in then speak to David Nunn (Escape) at Southwick on the day or email secretary@sussexyachtclub.org.uk beforehand, he will also arrange a handicap number for your boat if you don't already have one and for you to join the SYC Pursuiting WhatsApp group.

Summer Pursuit Series 2022

Pursuit Racing P1010208Saturday 14 May - Saturday 30 July 2022

A popular series of seven easy format, slowest go first,  Pursuit races held on Saturdays. Sailing instructions will be posted on the SYC Pursuiting WhatsApp group before each day’s race, courses use the Club's inshore race marks off Shoreham, with each race taking around 2 hours. See the Keelboat Handbook on the Yacht Racing Information page of the website for further details, race dates and times. If you are new to Pursuiting contact David Nunn (Escape) who is the series organiser, he will answer any questions and add you to the SYC Pursuiting WhatsApp group.


How to join in

Skippers: For racing in any of the Inshore or Pursuit series races just turn up on the start line and join in. The Race Officer on the beach will note your presence and include you in the results. For the Long Inshore, Offshore and Rallies and other events you need to either enter or register your interest. The Regattas and the Royal Escape Race for example require the submission of an entry form. Pursuiting, Racing and Rally activities now rely on specific WhatsApp groups, SYC Racing, SYC Pursuiting and SYC Rallies, if you are not already included please ask.

Crew: If you are already on a yacht then nag your skipper to register your interest in an event.

Questions?: If you need some extra information on an event or have a suggestion to make, then you can email the sailing section using the address secretary@sussexyachtclub.org.uk