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Racing at SYC is organised by the Sailing Section and controlled by the Sailing Secretary. The programe of events is worked out well in advance and published in the fixture list; club skippers are then invited to pick a race for which they will be Race Officer for the day and you can find guidance on duties and how to check the roster here ››

The results are calculated using Sailwave, a popular sailing results/scoring application which is supplied free of charge to the sailing community in return for donations and are then published to this website via FTP.

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Sailwave results for SYC Club Races 2019 IRC at Sussex Yacht Club 2019

SYC Club Races 2019 IRC

Sussex Yacht Club

Results are provisional as of 12:20 on September 15, 2019

Broomstick and Short Handed not run for IRC and New Members races not run at all as insufficient entries. See NHC for Crew's race helms.
Barts's Bash race not run as insufficient entries

Crews - IRC Fleet - 08/09/19 at 09:00

Start: IRC, Finishes: Finish time, Time: 09:10
Rank Fleet Boat Class Sail number Skipper IRC Finish Elapsed Corrected
1 IRC Devils Advocate Beneteau First 45f5 K 666T Dave Ramus 1.045 11.04.54 1:54:54 2:00:04
2 IRC Little Blue Dufour 34P GBR 9674T Tim Worsfield 0.961 11.15.23 2:05:23 2:00:30
3 IRC Maverick Oyster Lightwave 395 GBR 1562R Peter Jenkins 0.994 11.15.14 2:05:14 2:04:29
4 IRC Escape Bavaria 31C GBR 1418L David Nunn 0.907 11.35.59 2:25:59 2:12:24

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