Family and Cadet Evenings

Dinghy Cadets IMG 3695-1Tuesday evenings May-Jul 2022

This is an ideal opportunity for cadets and the not so experienced sailors to gain vital experience. The evenings are held at Southwick on Tuesdays from May to July, starting at 6pm. Check the fixture list for the actual session dates.

Members can begin sailing or improve initial skills in the non-tidal water of the canal and it is open to youngsters from 8 years old with their parents present. The younger children sailing at the start of the evening, and the older groups towards the end. The Club’s own Mirrors, Laser, Picos, Bosuns, Bahias, single-handed Optimists and Toppers are used.

The Family & Cadet evenings at Southwick are always very popular. Kevin Headon, Training Principal has drawn up the following guidelines to assist those who currently attend or are thinking of attending these sessions;

Family and Cadet Guidelines 2022

Family and Cadets is run by Sussex Yacht Club for the benefit of its members as a club activity and gives the opportunity for young and old to sail in club craft. The following guidelines are in place to enable the event to run and also meet the requirements of the Dangerous Sports Act and the requirements of Shoreham Port. A full risk assessment for water activities has been completed and is held by the training principal and logged with Shoreham Port. These guidelines are for parents, who are responsible for their children at all times.

  • Times: The training will run between 18:00 < 20:30
  • Location: Southwick clubhouse

Bosun in the canalCadet Sailing

  • All non-members must be accompanied by a blood relative who must remain at Southwick during the activity.
  • All cadet members must be accompanied by a parent who remains on site at Southwick. If as a parent you are willing for another adult to be responsible for your child you must advise the club in writing before sailing. Non-members must have a blood relative.
  • Cadets must be 8 years old to sail the oppies. Under this age they must sail with parents at the discretion of the coordinator. His or her decision will be based on conditions of the day, craft and skippers available, and will be final.
  • All youth and juniors that sail must be members, or have completed forms by the third visit in any 12 months.
  • All cadets must be signed in before sailing and a family or individual form completed.
  • Suitable buoyancy aids must be worn while afloat and on the pontoon at all times. The safety boat skippers can refuse to take youngsters or adults afloat if the equipment worn is unsuitable or of the incorrect size.
  • Family and Cadets sessions are run on a voluntary basis by suitably qualified club members. Parents of participating children are encouraged to join in and help out on shore.

From time to time additional events will be run to encourage sailing development at SYC and these will follow the same guidelines.

Contact Info:-
Training Principal
Kevin Headon

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