SYC Ribs support 3 Pier Swim for local charity raising £3,600 and counting

18 September 2021

Sussex Yacht Club is supporting the Rampion Champions: 3 Pier Challenge raising funds for Turning Tides, a local charity helping and housing local people.

On Saturday 18th September 10 runners swam 10 miles from Brighton to Worthing Pier in preparation for next years' challenge - The Rampions! The following is Dave Leee's account of this magnificent effort.

Well done to all those involved!

Turning Tides Logo

Back in July, I was asked by Jim & Hilary if I would be willing to help with Safety Boat cover for a forthcoming charity swim that was being organised by their Coastguard colleague Rob. I said “Sure, & I think I can do a lot more than that!”.

As many of you will know, here at SYC we are very keen to provide help & support to charities with waterborne activities. I approached Main Committee & was given the go ahead to allow Turning Tides to use our facilities for planning meetings & to use our clubhouse as a base of operations for the event. I also reached out to the other Rib owners at SYC if they would like to help, all who were able to, instantly said “Yes, sign me up!”.

The event was for 10 local running enthusiasts to put their physical fitness – and courage – to the test by taking to the sea for the first time. The brave runners announced the plan to swim ten miles from Brighton Pier to Worthing Pier.

So, after launching & rafting to A pontoon the previous day. Early in the morning on Saturday 18th we set out from SYC for the Palace pier. The skippers donated their time & fuel to the event. The SYC rib flotilla comprised these boats:

Boat    Skipper    Tasking/Function
Ocean Ray   Jim Hall    Command boat with Rob the “Fat Controller” & Andy the Paramedic
Quba   John Redman    Rear Safety Boat
Zola   Ivan Cornish    Middle Safety Boat
Extreme   Dave Lee    Front Safety Boat
RibX   Adrian Weber    Photo/Media Boat

We put our first swimmers in the water at 8 o’clock just off the Palace Pier. The strongest swimmers went first as they would be swimming against a rising tide for the first 2½ hours. Each swimmer would swim for either 1 mile or 45 minutes, whichever came first. I’m pleased to report that all the swimmers completed the mile well before the time limit. We completed the challenge 2 hours ahead of schedule which gave us extra time for “Debrief & beers”, which got a little messy due to an “Over & Out” fine, but we won’t go into that!

Pictures speak a lot louder than words, so I’ll let the photos do the talking …

Turning Tides 01

Morning sun early on a Saturday morning off Brighton (L-R Rob, Ivan, Andy, Hilary, Jim).

Turning Tides 02

Ivan and Hilary on Zola.

Turning Tides 03

Swimmers had to make sure that they stayed warm.

 Turning Tides 04

Dominic getting ready to get into the water on Quba.

Turning Tides 05

Going past the West Pier.

Turning Tides 06

Swimming past the West Pier against the current.

Turning Tides 07 

Off Brighton Seafront.

Turning Tides 08

Zola & Ocean Ray.

Turning Tides 09

Coming up to Shoreham Harbour.

Turning Tides 10

Shoreham Beach.

Turning Tides 11

John Redman on Quba off Shoreham Beach.

Turning Tides 12

Shadowing the swimmers off Lancing.

Turning Tides 13

Adrian Weber with RibX and photo crew.

Turning Tides 14 

Jim Hall & Ocean Ray lead the flotilla…

Turning Tides 15

…So that the swimmers go in the right direction.

Turning Tides 16

Adrian and photo crew on RibX.

Turning Tides 17

John bringing up the rear.

Turning Tides 18

Coming up to the finish line off Worthing.

Turning Tides 19

Post swim team photo at SYC 1.

Turning Tides Volunteer Team at SYC

Post swim team photo at SYC photo 2.

All in all it was a great day out on the water for team SYC supporting local events, something we haven’t been able to do for a long time.

The event was a resounding success, raising at least £3,600 for the charity £1,600 over the target.

If you would like to find out more about the event, Turning Tides & the work that they do for homeless people in West Sussex the link for the event is rampion-champions-3-pier-challenge.

If you would like to make a donation please do so on the event Just Giving Page.

If you would like to get involved with Ribs at SYC please get in touch with me or one of the other Rib drivers, and we’ll get something together.

Dave Lee