Nominations for Flag Officer and Director 2019

1-31 October 2018

The first of October marks the opening of nominations for Honorary Members, Flag Officers, Directors, President and Vice Presidents to serve during 2019. You can download the Nomination Form from here and it must be completed and received by the Office no later than 14:00 on Wednesday 31 October 2018.

Any Shareholding and fully paid up Member of Sussex Yacht Club is hereby invited to stand for election as a Flag Officer or as a Director at the Annual General Meeting to be held in January 2019.

Further details on these roles can be obtained from Tim Leigh, Club Secretary.  Please contact the Office for a suitable time to pop in and have a chat about it.

Nominations may only be received during the calendar month of October in the year preceding the AGM.

Nominees, Proposers and Seconders must all be fully paid up shareholding Members of Sussex Yacht Club.

Nomination forms are available from the website and from the Office.  Forms must have been received by the Office no later than 1400h on Wednesday 31st October and must be correctly and fully completed in all respects.

Scanned and emailed forms cannot be accepted, nor an incomplete form or a form the content of which is open to ambiguity (for example one with multiple corrections or crossings out or elements of illegibility).  The original form must be used with original signatures.

Nominees may withdraw their nomination after 31st October right up until the date of the AGM.

Tim Leigh, Club Secretary

1st October 2018