Pursuiting at SYC

Race DSC2596In addition to the regular racing, David Skinner will be organising the Pursuit Racing. If you wish to try racing, train crew, tune up your own performance or just have a fun sail for an hour or two on a Saturday, then Pursuiting could be for you. No mass starts or pressures. You start in order of your SCCH handicap number (slowest go first) the courses are short and simple, very suitable for beginners to both racing and crewing. Pursuit Racing is an ideal introduction to keelboat racing and takes place on Saturday afternoons throughout the season.

1. The goal is sailing enjoyment in good company with an element of competition.

2. International Collision Regulations or "The Rules of the Road" to be observed - as always when going to sea.

3. Three Series of 6 races, so 4 to count in each. 

4. Start times for each keelboat will be in accordance with SCCH handicap.

5. All starts will be from SYC E (Old Fortline) one cable to the west of harbour entrances. Courses are set on the day and published on Southwick Club notice board in an attempt to achieve 100 minutes of sailing for a boat with an SCCH of 1000.

6. The first boat across the line in each race is awarded a bottle of quality wine to be claimed at the Pursuit Series Suppers. 

8. Points will be awarded as one for first, two for second and so on. Lowest overall in all three series wins the Pursuit Challenge Trophy. Winner in each series gets a bottle of malt whisky. These prizes will be awarded at the Prizegiving Dinner in November.

9. To promote the "enjoyment of sailing" goal handicaps will be adjusted during the series.   A win carries a penalty of 60 for the next race (ie. 1000 to 940), 2nd 50, 3rd 40. If you are last you will be given a boost of 60 (ie. 1000 to 1060) for the next race, 50 for the next to last, 40 for 3rd from last.

10. When less than 6 boats are competing, the positive and negative adjustments are both applied.  A list of handicaps for the next race will be published on the board at Southwick, together with the results to date. From 2016 the results will also be published on the website.

Pursuit racing starts are staggered with the slowest boats (depending on handicap) starting first. The usual push and shove and other technical aspects of normal race starts are therefore avoided.

The race duration is designed around the handicaps (approx one to two hours of racing) and therefore, the first boat over the finish line is the winner.

David Skinner (Organiser)
Moonlight Saunter

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