Shoreham Clubhouse Development Project – Update

Many of you who attended the Club Annual General Meeting in February will be aware that we currently have some delays on the project whilst the detailed legal processes are drafted and agreed. This stage is arguably the most crucial and we are not going to hurry the process to meet a self imposed deadline. It is still ongoing with draft contract terms being worked on by our consultants and those of Adur & Worthing District Council at this time. Once the draft of these is agreed, the Club will call a General Meeting to approve the terms of the agreement, or not. It then has to be turned into contract form by our respective legal advisors.

Meanwhile, the design side of the new clubhouse and ancillary buildings is at the point at which we can prepare an outline planning application. This is being prepared now but will be submitted only when we are in a contractual position to proceed. This design is broadly as displayed in the bar with some tweaking to undertake as we move to the detailed design stage.