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Southwick Clubhouse Update

You will all be aware of the progress on this project reported to you some months ago via Wavelength & our website. Perhaps you feel all has gone somewhat quiet with little progress. Not so!

As you have previously been informed, we were awarded Start Up Grant Aid of £13,000 to be used for very specific purposes as set out by the Lottery Funding Committee. This enabled us to source & contract Consultants. We were also put under the guidance of a Case Manager (Joseph Minden). So far all expenditure has been funded by our Start up Grant with the exception of a committed £360 of our money “which will not need to be spent” (reminded to word as such by our worthy Treasurer at a recent Board Meeting!). The balance of these monies may well have to be refunded but provided we act within the guidelines set in the 55 page of closely typed “Heritage Enterprise Grants from £100,000 to £5 million Application Guidance” our expenditure is not subject to such conditions. So where are we?

We are now into “the delivery phase of our project”. The First Round Application is being finalised as I write & will be read through by the Steering Sub-Committee of SYC next week before its submission to Heritage Enterprise by the end of January. This will go before their Committee who meet and make decisions every three months. By their standards our total bid does not have to go to their Board of Trustees as it will be under £2 million. During that waiting period there will be little activity here apart from answering any questions they may have.

We are expecting a positive response as I firmly believe that we have a well structured bid which is supported by our Members at General Meeting & KBI`s in the local community, including the Shoreham Port Authority who share our enthusiasm for the development of this Conservation Zone, the Southwick Society who have attended several meetings, and Tim Loughton our local MP who has written his ongoing support (Appendix 1).

Once we move into the Second & Final Phase the work really begins. We then have to finalise planning & employ the necessary experts & consultants. In a club the size of ours we have many experts but it is made quite clear that the lottery rather frowns on in-house contracts.

When we have received the Lottery decision, and providing it is positive, then we have to contribute 10% of the Development Grant to help deliver our Second Round Application. The total cost is a moving figure as decisions are made but let me assure you all that we have budgeted for this expenditure. This contribution, described as “partnership funding”, can be made up of a combination of cash & costed volunteers’ time. We can also fund some from other Grant Aid organisations and this is encouraged by Heritage Enterprise. This will be researched by our Fund Raising Consultant, Andy Sears, under the guidance of our Case Manager.

To conclude I quote from the Application Guidance Notes what they are prepared to fund:-

“We fund projects that make a lasting difference to heritage, people & communities in the UK”.

Our project will do that.

When completed we will have a building fit for purpose for all Club Members from every Section. We will focus on Youth & Sailability but when our larger boats return to their upgraded moorings after a thrash round the cans we will have bar & restaurant facilities without the need to travel further afield or use local hostelries, maintaining in-house management so that no trade will be lost and all profits will go into main funds.

Yes we will encourage and market community use in the same way we do at Shoreham.

Yes we will have something to show to schools & community groups who wish to learn of our heritage in a time when everyone drank beer as the water was contaminated.

All of this will fund the ongoing maintenance & also encourage the all important Membership.

David Skinner,
Chair Sub-Committee, STH Project.

Dowload letter of support from Tim Loughton MP >>


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